Friday, September 26, 2008

Monthly Update

The monthly before and after pictures.  First pictures were taken at 182 lbs. on August 20, second pictures were taken at 169 lbs. on September 24--13 pounds down!!!  The pictures don't show much difference except for maybe in my face.  You almost may notice that I got my hair cut shorter and interestingly in the first pictures I was wearing makeup whereas the second set was after a long day helping at school so no makeup.  What you can't tell is that I'm wearing size 18 jeans in picture 1 and size 14 jeans in picture 2.  

What I should do is take pictures in tighter clothes so it's more obvious, but my mom isn't here often enough and I can't seem to take decent pictures of myself.  It'd be great if I lost another 13 lbs. this month because then I'll officially be less than I've been since before Cupcake was born (I lost a bunch of weight--and then put a bunch of it back on--before I got pregnant with her so I estimate that I was about 155lbs. when I got pregnant).  However, I'm realistic, I'll be happy if I make it to that weight by Thanksgiving!  My October goal is to be 165lbs. by Halloween which seems very realistic.

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