Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days of Christmas Part 1

I've decided that one of the new traditions I want to start with the kids is to do something holiday related for the 24 days before Christmas.  Today was Day 1:

                                                                   Advent Calendars

Cupcake was so excited about these that she kept asking when we were doing them from the time she got home from school until she mysteriously disappeared to 185 lbs. house for dinner and when she came home I forgot all about it.  

Plus she ended up going to sleep early (she's been going to bed around 8pm and getting up at 6am ever since she got back from her cruise to Italy with 185 lbs. and his girlfriend).  While I can't complain about her new found sleep pattern (she was so NOT a morning person before, there were quite a few arguments about getting up for school in the past), it means that it sometimes throws me off.

So Cupcake and Snickerdoodle will be opening their box tomorrow morning, but Caramel did hers (she couldn't do it tomorrow anyway since she leaves for school at 6:40am and the other two--or at least Snickerdoodle right now--aren't awake at that point).

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